Cutest sick guy ever

On Zachary’s birthday in December James woke up breathing very rapidly and with a gross, thick cough. I did what any good mom would do and stared at him for a 30 minutes trying to decide what action to take. He was acting normally and eating but just breathing so fast. Last time this happened he was not processing air well and had to be admitted to the hospital. I knew if it were a weekday I could just take him to the doctor to make myself feel better about his breathing. But alas, December 23rd was a Sunday. Of course.

So I called the nurse line and spoke with a doctor, I counted his breathes and stared at his lips (they were not blue) and decided I had to go to the hospital. Luckily it was only 7:30 so we walked right in and into a room.

Don’t let these adorable photos fool you – he was PISSED. Anytime someone would walk into the room he would immediately begin screaming in that pitch that only my children seem to reach. He threw-up on himself and me so he got this adorable gown. I just got to smell like vomit.

Side note:  Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?? A tiny hospital gown? I am still annoyed with myself for not stealing it.

Zach and James had an appointment to see Santa out at the Walls so Alex swung by the hospital to drop off clean shirts for both of us and then off they went. James also did not like being left at the hospital by his dad and brother. That particular screaming might have scared the elementary age child in the room next to us.

They suctioned out his nose and put the oxygen monitor on his toe (which he insisted on pulling on a screaming about every time he remembered it) but in the end we headed home about 3 hours later with instructions to use a humidifier and do more suction.

Duh. Like this is my first rodeo with breathing problems.

I was just glad that he was not in the shape a year ago and we could go home and take naps. Which we both needed, desperately. It was big brother’s birthday after all! And super odd to not spend it with Zach (he got home that evening). Luckily we will have many more and the previous day was ALL about him.

If you think we did not go to a party that night at Tami and Dave’s you would be wrong. I am blaming the sleep deprivation on that bad decision.

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