Mardi Gras Ya’ll

Last year around this time I was just discovering Pinterest. I saved all the things I saw for Mardi Gras as it always sneaks up on me. I start to see it everywhere and then all of a sudden it is the day and I am unprepared with any crafts or food. Unacceptable.
Last year (after the fact), I made these awesome King Cake Cupcakes which were very easy and tasty. I obviously just made yellow cake and didn’t die white cake yellow (don’t waste my time), but otherwise I followed the instructions. Oh and I used a box cake. Why would I make it from scratch when Betty Crocker does it so perfectly for me (butter yellow cake – you will thank me).
But this year I was on it for the actual day of Mardi Gras. I Googled when Mardi Gras was and went back to my Pinterest page to figure out what I would be doing. I spotted these mini-King cakes and knew that was it. 
You know I love anything mini. Do they make a cookbook of just mini-things? I need it if so.
Mini King Cakes Step 7
I did a test run at the Superbowl party hosted by Uncle Chris. They were a hit with one redheaded child who might have had two (don’t tell his mother). I do have to say they were not really as pretty as the ones in this photo. And when I tried to unroll them, mine didn’t have enough to be folded in half. But I just rolled them up the best I could knowing that once covered with icing and coordinating sugar all would be fine.
Apparently I did cheap out by getting the regular Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls not the Grands. I just read that is what she used. Ooops.
But they were mini and delicious. I made more for the boys as a special treat for a Mardi Gras breakfast. Alex took the boys to school early so I could not get a shot of them enjoying my creativity.

Don’t worry, James was still not impressed.

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