Only moderately crazy

Last weekend I decided to get a bit ahead of things and knock out the boys valentines. I had of course been planning them for months. I even printed out 4 choices for Zachary off Pinterest. I am out of control. I think I might not even need to say that any longer, you know.

He picked an the airplane one, but alas no airplanes at Big Lots. Which was just as well as I was starting to hyperventilate about attaching the plane to the card. How would I do that? With a twist tie? And it had confetti trailing behind. I could not let him do that?!

But they did have these little men attached to parachutes and I had seen just such a card….

You know I was practically giddy in Big Lots at the thought of this project.

For James I had seen this one and knew I wanted to do that with Teddy Grahams as the 18 month olds aren’t really into candy. I mean James would obviously try to eat it all, but he should not. And I am pretty sure the parachute on the toy would be a choking hazard. Not 100% sure, I need to ask my friend Laura.

As I was stuffing James I stopped and looked at my work space aka my kitchen table. Disaster. I thought you all would like to see how my crafting gets done.

PS I am not cutting anything with wire cutters. They are just there.
Zach came in to help as well and you can see the mess to the left of my “work space”. And my sweet boy who asked about 15 times if he could have one of the Kit Kats. It might have been more…

The end result.
I love them. Almost as much as last year. Maybe more as this was WAY less work. I actually hand threaded each animal on last year. Perhaps that is what led to the plane freak out, now that I think about it.
As usual I am ever thankful for Pinterest and the creative bloggers that post printable for working moms that want to still be crafty! It makes me so, so happy.

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