In the club

The past two weekends I have taken James’ nap to get my pantry in order. I am very Petersik. We have this giant walk in pantry behind the fridge and I have filled it up and made it a death trap with junk. Junk in the form of numerous vases from these babies I keep having, small appliances I have rarely used (mini-crock pot and electric knife I am looking at you) and “party” box that is overflowing with items I have not looked at in years.  I spotted this panty organization and got inspired. I have Elfa shelving in there and was sure I could make it look good.
I am not going to get all Petersick and detail what I did because I can sum it up for you like this – I gave a bunch of junk away and rearranged the shelves fit all my stuff. Boom – I am a genius, I should have a blog.

Oh wait.
But I did move a set of wire drawers to the front and put the boy’s snacks into a drawer they could easily reach. Which means they are in and out of there constantly such that I had to put a lock on it for James. He would eat crackers for every meal if I let him. Which truthfully I pretty much do as he is such an ass about it I can’t even take it. But I digress.
At one point Zach found a set of glow sticks I was saving (aka hording) and got them out. At first I was super annoyed as he cracked them so they all started glowing. Then I realized I was being an ass and cracked the rest. The darkest place we have is the pantry so we closed the door and started waving them around like it was 1996. James was finally impressed.
Turns out it is hard to get a photo of glow sticks, so this was the best I could do. But it was a fun little moment with my boys. Once I relaxed and realized that maybe this is what I needed an organized pantry for. 

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