Have you heard of Lunchables?

If you read any mom blogs or organic non-sense you might think Lunchables are made by pedophiles and full of crack. I am here to tell you different – they are delicious and awesome.

 You don’t see this guy complaining.

Last week we had the giant hole in our kitchen fixed (where the ice maker had leaked), so we had to stay in a hotel. The fumes from the polyurethane could have killed a horse. But apparently not a rat….more on that later, don’t you worry.

It was supposed to take two days but took one which mean I was wholly unprepared for the following day. I could not access sippy cups or the lunch containers. Alex and I took turn racing into the house and packing while the boys played in the driveway. Then I was off to Randalls to shop for lunch.

I can’t lie – it was great. Did you know there are a ton of different kinds of Lunchables now? They have pizza and chicken fingers; wraps and sandwiches. They even offer “all natural” which I obviously paid no attention to. I was in the LUNCHABLES aisle, all natural is not in my vocabulary. I ended up with a sandwich and smoothie for Zach and just a regular one for James.

Zach said the cheese in the sandwich was a bit “mushy” but that did not stop him from eating it.
The evening in the hotel was fairly miserable on the whole though, given there were 4 of us in about 600 square feet. James decided he was an infant and needed to cry himself to sleep and Zach decided he was a teenager and would stay up until 10. I (so sad) had to get to work early so I left before Zach was even up. 
Don’t worry, James was. And that was actually really sweet. He puts his tiny finger to his mouth and says “shhhh” and ate part of a Lunchable for breakfast along with a banana. 
He was fascinated by the closet. I could not find him (yes in 600 square fee) and he was quietly standing in there. He insisted on walking in and out, in and out.
Looking very slim.

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