Meatloaf in a cup

Gross. That title seemed better in my head.
But how else to say that I made individual meatloaves?  I had saved this recipe for mini-meatloaves (shocking) with mashed potato topping. The meatloaf is put into mini-cupcake wrappers and topped with the potatoes like icing. They are super cute right?
I had made a big meat loaf using The Pioneer Women’s Favorite Meatloaf a year or so ago and everyone loved it. I personally am not a huge meatloaf fan; something about the consistency throws me off.
But all my boys love it so I I decided to try these smaller versions. I went with regular cupcake size and  used the Pioneer Woman’s recipe since I had had success with it before and it was similar to the one in the magazine. The main difference was that I used half turkey and half beef.
The end result was less that cute. The fat from the beef had nowhere to go so it just pooled around the top of the loaves.  I made it work, taking them out of the silicon wrappers and wiping off the fat, but seriously, gross.  So I only made 12 cupcake size ones and then made the rest into a small loaf. I froze the individual ones for dinners down the road and we had the loaf with a side of mashed potatoes for dinner.
Eh, you win some and sometimes you put meat in a cup and it doesn’t work out.  

2 thoughts on “Meatloaf in a cup

  1. I'm with you, meatloaf is weird and not very good. I've tried the individual sized ones too, and while I appreciated that everyone gets the crusty outside part (the only part that's acceptable), I wasn't that impressed.

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