Uncle Chris

Zach and James’ Uncle Chris has been featured pretty prominently on the blog since its inception. He is Zach’s Godfather  and comes over regularly for football games. We have been to New Orleans and Mexico (sans children) and he comes to all the birthday parties no matter where they are. He is just the best. I call him my second husband as we all know it would be him that would come get me (because he has) from the side of the road. You know Alex would have lost his phone or it would have zero charge. I obviously need a back-up.

Chris also voluntarily eats dinner with us on the weekends he is in town. I say voluntarily as no one really wants to eat dinner with us. It is a nightmare.

I am stuffing food as fast as I can into my mouth in between repeatedly saying “Zachary, eat.”, “James stop screaming.” and  “Alex, can you please do something about your children?”.

Seriously I don’t want to be at dinner with us most of the time.

Example A is below. We were at Chipotle after I had just pulled my children screaming from Big Lots. Zach was screaming because he wanted the ball that James had and James was screaming because Zach was screaming.

I don’t know where Zach is going and why James is sitting on the table. But Uncle Chris is amused and not horrified and that is just one of the reasons why we love him.

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