I can’t have anything nice

This is my standard whiny comment to myself when I see yet another thing in my house destroyed by one of the four males living here.

It seems like a day does not go by without me finding something sticky on my sweater or gum in the dyer. But the biggest insult was the treatment chevron rug that I painstakingly painted last spring has endured. I got the idea last Spring from Pinterest and I schlepped that baby to Ikea to get a plain rug and then taped and painted it. It took a while – and I loved it.

No one cares.

This is what it looked like before my family decided to use it as, well, a rug.

 And now.

Gross. You can’t really see it but there is a giant footprint right in the middle. That is really what set me off.
I am used to my nice pillows being used a trampolines and the dog curling up on one of the couch blankets, but really – I specifically said to take your shoes off before walking into the bedrooms (the only place that rug leads). Sigh. And why do they have to walk around and brush their teeth?? I find toothbrushes everywhere!
This is a photo of what a corner of my kitchen regularly looks like. I barely know what all that is.

Why is the SWAT team in my laundry room? And the plastic bowling ball next to a stuffed wrench?

I know some day I will look back and miss the cars, balls and farm animals everywhere just as I will miss the messy little boys that go with it. But today is not that day my friends. Not today. 
Today I just want to make the bed and not have someone watch his movie and eat grapes in it. I would like to not have to Febreeze the boys chairs because the dog thought it was his. 
I can’t have anything nice. 

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