I am in love with a man named Joe

Houston has finally made some big steps into the 21st century. We have a female mayor AND a Trader Joe’s! While I think Anise is doing a bang up job I am really excited about the Trader Joe’s.

I have been reading about this weirdly named store for a while on some blogs and didn’t really get it. Until it arrived. Now I love it and want to share all my purchases with you (and I want you to do the same). I also want to go all the time, but it is a store similar to Whole Foods – you can’t do all your shopping there. They don’t have regular toilet paper or toothpaste.

But their packaged food is the best and a huge time-saver  I have not had a bad thing yet there and I feel good about buying their items as they are all fresh, mostly organic and made from whole products (so the pancakes are actually pancakes not just sugar in the shape of a circle). Oh but don’t think I have really looked at the ingredients list…people tell me these things and I believe. Oh and it is super cheap! Like, really reasonable for organic products. And on with my list below.

This the french toast made with (gasp) real bread. When I run out of the other stuff  this is my go to. The boys love it.

 The pancakes. They are tiny, silver dollar pancakes perfect for that fat baby to grip in both hands.

It is your (real) snack week you say? Consider it done: baked peas, pretzels stuffed with peanut butter, a bag of sliced apples and already sliced cheese with fake wheat thins. 

Remember my yummy coconut shrimp? Guess what, Joe has some too and it does not require any prep time.

I almost did not share the next ones as you know I am selfish. But this is the best. It is papardelle pasta, the wide pasta, with a chicken and mushroom sauce. You will need two bags. One is not even enough for you and your husband. And your children should not be allowed to eat it. Give them some of those shrimp above.

My kids love mini-tacos. I have purchased them at Target but was super excited to find them here. They are the perfect size for lunch boxes. And for sneaking in a few that somehow don’t make it to the plates.

If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s I am sorry. For this (what I am sure is an annoying) blog post and that you don’t get to have the pasta. Seriously though, don’t tell anyone. It was already hard to find.
For those of you that have been what have I missed ? The chopped and bagged kale I don’t know what to do with? The hummus and cheese? I need to know immediately. 

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