She really should have asked me

The other day a mom in my moms group posted a message with her suggestions for going to the Houston Rodeo. She said she went with her two girls (mistake 1), tried to walk from our neighborhood (mistake 2) and went in the afternoon (mistake 3). Since I happen to know this mom all I could think was that I wish she had asked me. She literally did everything wrong.What? I am not one to mince words, it is the truth.

Now I am not saying I know everything – but I do know more. More about things like dealing with two children at the rodeo and how she really should have taken the light rail. Let me show you how it is done.

1. Ride the Houston Light Rail
There is a park and ride at the end of the line which is about 1/2 a mile from the rodeo. And it costs $3. You pay your $3 to park and $1.75 (for adults only) to ride one stop to the Rodeo. You will get dropped off at the front door and your children will be super excited to ride the train. Well, your 4 year old will be excited. James was not impressed.

2. Bring a wagon and snacks
Do not waste your time thinking any child is going to walk. Zach is lazier than most when it comes to walking but even so, it is a big place and you want to be able to toss them in there and get a move on. James did not want to get out of the wagon. He preferred I feed him crackers while he observed the whole spectacle  And refuse to wear a hat.

3. Go in the morning
It opens at 9 and we were there at 9:30. All the school kids are there in the afternoon plus all those part-time kids/moms. Beat them to the punch and go in the morning. Eat lunch there and you are home to put this pleasant guy down. See  how thrilled he is to be riding the carousel?

4. Once it does get hot around 11 get inside to the AgVenture
I love this area. It smells horrible but man do the boys love it. All the animals are kept in here and you can see baby pigs, cows, chicks hatching and giant longhorns. This year we wandered back into the cow pens and it was fascinating. Fascinating. These tiny boys and girls are leading calves that were 4 times their size like they are walking Norman. Such a different world.

The one mistake I made was to take both my children. And Alex too. Both boys, oh I am sorry, all three boys, want to do different things and I felt like we were always waiting on someone (which I just find annoying). So if I can next time I will take them one on one. We live so close it is worth it.

Also worth it: your husband racing your son down the slide. Please disregard me missing the first part because I am obsessed with my not impressed baby.

And seriously people, I know A LOT all you have to do is ask. Even if you don’t I am most likely going to tell you anyway. So it is best if you can just save us both some time.

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