I am not kidding, he is terrible

I love my fat baby more than anything, but good Lord is he a terror. I think I traumatized one of Liv’s very nice friends by calling him an asshole. Whoops. Surely she was warned about Liv’s inappropriate daughter in law?

I mean he is mine and I am just loving him through this – but he is an ass. I think this must be what serial killers mothers feel like. They have done the best they can and their children are still assholes.

Somehow calling him one makes me laugh when he is having a full out fit on the floor of Walgreens or hitting his brother because he wants his “CRACKER!!!”.

He now can say/scream quite a few words including: Zach, cat, cow, help, nonononononono, mama, dada, Norm and bird. But he refuses to even try to say “please”.

This is a video of me trying to get him to say please as he is asking for “help” to get up on the couch. You will see he just gives up versus actually trying to say the word.

Now when you say, “James, say ‘please’.” he nods his head and says “Uh huh” and then “thank you”.

Such an ass.

One thought on “I am not kidding, he is terrible

  1. I am afraid James is his mother incarnate. All the times his mother gave her parents the devil – what goes around comes around – on the daughter this time. The good news is how nice she turned out once she grew up. Well there may have been some times when older but we will let them go and not mention them now. She did turn out just fine and James will too. And mothers need patience. You just have to hang in there. Love, PWayne

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