Nothing stays in Vegas

Contrary to the popular tag line, nothing stays in Vegas if you have two bloggers and 4 prevalent Facebook/Instagram users. Nothing.

About two weeks ago I was the 6th wheel on a Vegas trip to see Celine. Oh, you heard me right. CELINE DION. If you need to leave my blog this minute I will not be offended. But it was life changing.

Lauren and I have loved CELINE since the early 90s. You can’t tell me you didn’t love Where Does my Heart Beat Now (how she opened the show) and It’s all coming back to me now. What you don’t? Stop lying to yourself. As my friend KK says, “She doesn’t have a bad song.”

So at least 9 months ago Lauren decided we needed to go see her. Neither of us was allowed to have any more babies this year (no problem here) and we were doing something for ourselves. As we were planning, her fun friends caught wind of it and it turned into a six person girls trip.

Lauren and I were in charge of booking the room and my brother-in-law Dewayne got involved. He said we absolutely needed to stay at the Bellagio and we should go ahead and get a suite. Sure, that is totally normal for people who usually go fancy at the Holiday Inn Express. Of course this had nothing to do with the fact that D himself would be going back to Vegas himself in the near future….not one thing.

Never to look a gift horse in the mouth we agreed. And it was the best decision. We spent the mornings in the living room of the suite drinking coffee and talking until we could motivate ourselves to throw on clothes and leave the room for brunch. Joanna tells you about our delicious breakfast on the first day and takes you on a tour of our suite. It really was some of the best food I have ever eaten.

Lauren and I went to the VIP lounge to steal waters and diet coke for the room (always classy) and this is what we encountered on the way back.
That is Keri, Maria, Debra and Joanna walking through the casino in their bathrobes headed to the spa. I would like to say they got some strange looks but not really and they were some of the most covered up people in the hallways. 
That night was CELINE!!!! Here we are before the show. Before Lauren and I were throwing our arms around like she does (we are spot on) and before Debra tried it and knocked the old lady in front of her in the head. Before our lives were changed forever by the amazing voice that CELINE has. I am not ashamed. She is amazing. And not like how the Kardashian’s think everything is amazing. Truly amazing.
The show staff went on and on and on about no photos before the show. That only made me want to take pictures more – are these people not parents? We were so close to the stage that I could not get a good one without being caught (@humblebrag). But she was shown up on the screens to our right and I snapped some.

Technically these are not even her. They are a hologram of her that the real CELINE did a duet with. Consider your mind blown. Are you jealous you were not there yet? You should be. It was seriously a glorious night and as the man in front of us said, “How can I go back to my normal life after this????!!”. So true, my friend, so true. 


Here are my new besties (plus my one of 31 years Lauren) crowded into the two double beds in the second room of the suite. This is how we spent Sunday afternoon. They taught me about Twitter and how to use a hashtag. #fastlearner

That night we went to see Boyz II Men. Apparently Keri is a crazy BIIM fan. Cra-zy. Of course I say that but I too purchased a BIIM sleep shirt. That is right, a bright pink shirt that says “I’ll make love to you” in sliver writing on it. Alex almost fell on the floor when he saw it. Laughing.

And the show was really, really good. They perform at the Mirage in a small stage and put on an excellent show. Keri was over the moon!! It was hysterical and awesome to see her get so excited.

I had so much more fun in Vegas than I thought I would. A huge part of that was due to the group of girls I was with. I didn’t know them all that well and we are now intimately acquainted. And planning our next trip. I can’t wait! It is all coming back to me now…

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