While I was away

The weekend I was in Vegas the boys went to stay with the Walls on Saturday night. Alex was working like a crazy person that entire week leading up to Vegas and had to work much of the weekend. All the girls on the trip were mentioning that their husbands were ready for them to come home – I said the Walls were ready for me to come back. They spent the night at our house during the week then had the boys most of the weekend. Not to worry, the boys love to be the center of their grandparents world allowed to stay up, eat what they want (or don’t want) and swim in their underwear. They are the best.

My only annoyance is how happy and calm that baby looks….he would NEVER sit in his booster seat and play at the table so happily for me. You know he would be throwing himself off the chair and hurling the figures at me.

James looking shocked at the ride at Pump it Up.

The boys supporting the home team.

James is smiling! That Grandma Ena must really be getting into the book.

Zachary is wearing his brother’s 18 month shirt and just his boxers in the pool. Whenever I point out to him that he is wearing his brother’s shirts which become mid-drifts and pants which become capri’s he shrugs and says, “But they fit.” 
Touche smarty, touche.

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