Easter around here

I am so glad Easter is over. Does it feel like I say this after every holiday? It is because I do. Holidays are so looooonnng with little ones.

We started off the day with the Easter bunny bringing the boys new basketball Easter baskets filled with Spider-man colorable masks, a Spider-man paint set, eggs filled with chocolate and markers they could use on the windows. Can you tell the Easter bunny hit the dollar aisle at Jo-Ann’s? They got new Easter baskets this year as the Easter bunny’s husband threw out can’t find the other ones. You know I love monogrammed anyway. And a special shout out to Personal Creations.com for getting the baskets to me by Saturday when I ordered them on Wednesday. Nicely done.

Easter morning Zach came running into our room haven already taken the bunny Pez containers out of both his and James’ baskets. That was the highlight of the gift.

Fat baby really just wanted the mini-Reece’s eggs which the bunny stupidly put into his bag. I was digging foil out of this mouth all day. They both loved the window markers too.

The bunny also got up early and hid eggs in the yard this year. In the past we have just done it after church as Zach didn’t know the difference. Not this year. He said it looked like the bunny, “Sort of threw them around the yard.” Because that is what she did. The Easter bunny is tired. 

Here they are in the matching outfits. It was entirely too much to ask for Zach to smile normally and for James to put down his snack. This was the best I could do. Similar to my friend Joanna, I know when to call it.

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