Our weekend visitor

We had a special visitor come stay with us last Easter weekend and no, it was not the holy Son.

It was a brown teddy bear named Gabe that lives in Zach’s class and goes home with the boys each weekend. Apparently there is a Gabby that goes home with the girls. I am not really sure why there is one for each…

So it was finally our weekend with Gabe and he went everywhere we did. First to dinner at Lupe Tortilla where he got to pose with Zach and the Mexican statue.

Then home to run and play hide and seek in the front yard with Alex and James. As you can imagine James is a total buzz kill in hide and seek. He yells and points wherever the person is hiding.

Good Friday we met our friends Beth, Sophie and Lily at the park and Gabe came along. He had to stay in my purse but did “accidently” eat some of the boys crackers. He was hungry after chasing around a fat baby in the heat.


We then hit Chick fil A for lunch and ran into our friends Amanda and Brady. Look at my sweet big boy and his smile. I just adore that boy.

Gabe did not make it to the disaster of a soccer game. Zach’s team tied this time (unlike the 11-0 loss last week) but Zach was not thrilled to be there. And I was sort of an annoying soccer mom. I think I need to drink next time.

Easter Sunday Gabe got his own Easter basket which thrilled Zach to no end. He told his teachers Gabe got “A Cars 2 coloring book, some animal stickers and two eggs, one football and one baseball.”. Good thing the Easter bunny had a extra basket and some random treats lying around.

Then on Sunday we printed all the pictures of our time with Gabe and he dictated the events of the weekend. He also insisted on “coloring” on the page. Which consisted of him drawing circles and scribbling. He specifically said he was not going to “draw something, just scribble”. Delightful.

All in all it was fun having Gabe tag along. Zach was so excited and I didn’t so no once to anywhere he wanted to take him. We had to compromise on when he stays in the car and when he went in places, but he was just beyond thrilled to have a turn “hosting” Gabe.

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