Finally at Four

I felt like such a loser mom when I saw all these two year olds dying eggs on Facebook for Easter. This was the first year I let Zach near eggs and vinegar. But then this is what my almost two year old did while my four year old and I were dying eggs which made me feel much better.

So really, we are good. James spent the entire time climbing in a out of the box we brought home from Costco with us. He tried to cry that he was stuck until I reminded him the box didn’t have sides, he could just step out. As you can imagine that was met with a less than pleasant look.

Zach was super excited and did a great job. I won’t say he dunked the eggs carefully…but none broke and only a bit of mess was made so who really cares?

The end result. I think I screwed something up. the color really did not want to stay on the eggs and my writing was gone. I am not sure why I think I am so crafty when these things keep happening to me…

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