Alex went to London and all I got was this shirt

As you can imagine I was less than thrilled. 
No, Alex was not in London for work, it was a voluntary vacation. Because he needs a break from working so hard and taking care of our children. I kid, but as Uncle Chris says I was invited and I chose not to go. That is correct, I was invited to go to London with Chris, Alex and Andy to watch Premier League soccer (as if I know what that is) and I politely declined. Yes, I would rather stay with my children for 4 days than do that.
Alex tried to go last year, you know, when we had a 7 month old and a just turned 3 year old. I calmly asked, “Why now? Why must you go NOW. Soccer is not going anywhere and our life is fairly miserable right now. Why now?” Once put that way (and not just shutting it down completely) he agreed. But that meant this year was the year.
And as I said, I was invited. He tried to say we would go to London than Greece where I really want to go. I wish I could convey how heavily my eyes rolled at that. Don’t try to tack on MY trip to the end of YOUR TRIP. As if. I am only going to London for one thing – HRH Baby of Cambridge. Not some sweaty soccer players and drunk fans. I can stay home and experience that.
So Alex headed off on Thursday and came back Tuesday. Luckily Liv came to stay on Friday night and was here most of Saturday. I didn’t really think it was totally necessary at the time…until Sunday around 5. Thank GOD she came. What in the world would I have done for the entire weekend? I can’t even think about it. 
Instead of me having a total meltdown, we cooked dinner, took soccer photos, planted some flowers and veggies in the garden, saw Uncle Dave and I did not lose my mind. Zach and I also went to Menchie’s,which is a frozen yogurt place in our neighborhood that was having their one year anniversary. Zach is semi-obsessed with it. Some of the girls in his class talk about it so he feels he needs to go there. He doesn’t even eat much when we are there. But whatever, when I saw that they were having a celebration with shirts, balloons and face painting I knew he would love it.
Liv offered stayed at home with fat baby and Zach and I headed up there. Unfortunately when we arrived everyone was decorating their shirts….and they were out of shirts. Holy shit, seriously Menchie’s? It was 12:30 and the party started at 12. So guess who is now the proud owner of a way too big Menchie’s shirt? I didn’t even care. How could I say no to this face? On an unrelated note: I can only handle so many meltdowns a day.
But the face painter, now she was awesome. She was this cuter than cute girl maybe in her early 20’s. And so fast. She was painting a dog on a little boy’s face when we arrived. He insisted on barking at everyone and his parents found it endearing. It was not.

 Zach decided he wanted a tiger.

He then starting roaring at people. It was very, very endearing.

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