I have a blower and I know how to use it

What do you do if your husband is off gallivanting around the UK and your children need to play in the driveway? YouTube “Starting a Stihl BG55 Leaf Blower” and feel like a bad-ass.

As I think I have mentioned we do most of our playing in the driveway. James has figured out how to climb up the large play structure in the back so he can’t be out there unsupervised. Unacceptable in my parenting handbook. However, the driveway is wide and has a gate at the end. I can let them play out there with little supervision required. I can see them from the kitchen and with the doors and windows open I can easily check on them practicing their independent play. Or I can be a good mother and participate. 

Either way, last weekend, I had to get the leaves, pollen and sticks off the driveway so they could run, kick balls, hit things with bats, throw sticks, start to cry, fight over the sticks, etc.

Alex has had a leaf blower since we got married – so technically it is our leaf blower. Our leaf blower that I have never turned on. Now, I like to think I am handy around the house, but the outside of the house is another story. Since we have been married I have left that squarely to him. I brought a law mower (thanks to my dad) into this marriage and did mow the lawn prior to getting married. But once I said “I do” I have been saying “I don’t” to anything outside of the house. It is bad enough there are giant boy shoes cluttering up the house that I have to deal with; I can’t be bothered with trimmers, blowers and mowers.

But when push comes to shove I knew I could do it. Again, thank you parents for my unreasonably high self confidence.  And for YouTube. You really can find anything on there. 

The point of this post? Ladies if you are a co-owner of a leaf blower turn it on one day. Don’t talk to your husband about it. YouTube it and just turn it on. I promise the shock and awe on your husband and children’s faces will be worth it. And your dad from afar.

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3 thoughts on “I have a blower and I know how to use it

  1. word of warning re. using hubby's “stuff”: if you ever use a shop-vac to clean up some water (and yes, that is another story!) be sure you are “sucking” and not “blowing” (or vice versa, I don't know!!) cuz all the nasty bugs that hubby has collected in the shop-vac probably don't want to be thrown in with the water you are trying to SUCK UP! just sayin'…….

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