One of my cousins is getting married. I remember when she was born and have watched her grow up, as I have done the same. She is the daughter of Aunt Vickie so you know she is special.

For one of her wedding showers the theme was “kitchen”. I was going to get her a handful of utensils that I love and gift cards to the restaurants around where she will live, which just happens to be in my neighborhood. She is young and does not cook (yet) and I really thought she could use that more than some plates or a chafing dish.

But my mom suggested I get her what I got my mom and sister for Christmas. For them I had one recipe from each of my grandmothers made into art via Articipe on Etsy. I picked my Jane’s ham and cheese casserole (that is my favorite thing she made) and my Granny’s chocolate chip cookies (my dad’s favorite thing). I then gave my mom and sister a framed copy of each with a picture of my sister, me and our Jane for Lauren and my Granny and baby Lauren for my mom. Scene. Stealer.

As if I would have it any other way.

So when my mom suggested that for Stephanie’s shower I create one for her, I knew it was the perfect gift. And it would obviously be the best gift at the shower. Win-win.

Erin with Articipe has a six month lag time for new orders so instead of doing another one of Granny’s recipes I just had the chocolate chip cookie one reprinted. My dad sent me some photos of a little Stephanie at Granny’s house and one of Granny in the kitchen. I think she will love it as much as we do!

The only issue? The night of the shower I had to sprint out of the house so James would not see me and forgot the gift. And once we are out of the house there is no going back in. Not a chance in hell.

So I still have the frame nicely wrapped at my house. She is getting married in three weeks so it might turn into her wedding gift if I can’t get it to her soon.

And I am keeping those utensils I got her. That was actually not my choice. The boys started using the spoonulas as swords and James was whisking Norman last time I saw the silicon whisk.

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