For my garden loving mother-in-law

Every season my mother-in-law, Olivia asks me if I would like some new plants and then lists what she is thinking of bringing. I always say yes.

Because she then comes and plants them for me. Usually with some help from Zach. But never with help from me (she is so lucky to have me). She plants them where she knows they will get hit with the sprinkler because I am obviously not going to traipse out there and water them. She then reminds me to turn on the sprinkler (again, so lucky). And I love it. I love having veggies the boys and I can pick and herbs to use when cooking. I never have to buy chives again. Ever.

She has a bigger garden in her backyard. So this year for mother’s day, when I started looking around for gifts for her and my mom, I spotted some homemade plant markers. You know I loved these:

DIY garden markers

Not only would I have to buy polymer clay but I love how simple they are. However I am trying to de-hord my crafting supplies and not buy more so I pinned the idea but nixed it for this.

Next I spotted these and initially I liked the kid involvement aspect and how bright and colorful they are. Liv likes bright and colorful.

I was thinking through all the craft supplies I have when I thought of the large rocks flanking our sidewalk in the front yard (terrible). What if I combined the two above ideas and have the boys paint rocks and I could stamp them?
Bright and colorful for Liv but I had to buy one of those mini-stamp set I have been coveting at JoAnn’s. My handwriting is simply not an option. HAD to buy them. Not to worry, I had a 50% coupon so it was a minimal investment and they are tiny so don’t take up much room. I know, I know….call TLC.
The boys really enjoyed it. We walked to the front yard and both boys were instructed to pick rocks that had as flat a surface as possible. James was really just excited to get to pick up rocks and throw them into a bag.
Then we set up in the driveway and I let them paint their little hearts out with acrylic paint. I put James in pants I didn’t care about which was good, as evidenced by the first photo, but Zach stayed clean in his smock.
James really was going to town. He painted about 4-5 rocks at one time. I kept asking him if he was done which he consistently replied, “NO”. Not nicely, naturally.
And the finished product! A couple coats of spray polyurethane and they are done.
The stamps do take some getting used to but I love them and will be stamping many things in the future. Spoken like a true horder.

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2 thoughts on “For my garden loving mother-in-law

  1. Hey! So I found your blog link through google analytics. While my craft might not have been your cup of tea, it was fun for my kids and I, we got to use up craft supplies *I* had in surplus around my house, and I didn't think it was “tacky” at all. Plus, they have stayed for two years strong now. FYI, maybe be a little more kind in your words when you're dissing other people's crafts.

  2. You are 100% right Alex and I did not mean to insult you at all! It was your idea lead to the inspiration for the painted rocks. My blog is full of sarcasm but that is no excuse for rudeness.

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