Soccer Snacks – How it is done

A few weeks I volunteered to bring snacks for the soccer game if no one else could. The issue is that I am now a full time working mom and should not volunteer such things.

The game was a rare weeknight game. I got out of work late and had completely forgotten that said I would bring snacks. Well, crap.
Since this is me we are talking about, and I am crazy, I did not just want to phone it in with apples and Goldfish like I did the first time.

I had seen watermelon on a stick and knew that is what I wanted with some cheese sticks for protein. However, the Randall’s on the way did not carry Popsicle sticks. As I ran through the store (still talking to Sonia) I debated using bamboo skewers.  You can tell I was not thinking correctly. Surely someone would poke a friend’s eye out and even if I broke the pointed tip off that seemed like a bad plan. So I thought plastic spoons. I could stick the smaller end in the watermelon and they could hold onto the spoon.

Love. It.
Did I mention that I did not have time to go home and assemble these? So I did what any normal person would do: I bought a knife and some Ziploc containers and made these in the back of my car.  I’m sorry, was someone just saying if there was ever a time to phone-it-in this would have been it? You are correct. I managed to miss basically the entire game fixing up my snacks.
However, I don’t care.  Zach had eight games and eight practices. I was tortured supportive through them all save this one and I have YEARS of sporting games ahead of me. I decided to make myself happy with the snacks this time.  And I was.
So were the guys. They loved the watermelon though I think Zach and Tyler ate the lion’s share. OK really they were excited about the juice and who could blame them?

I really don’t know why they are standing so close to each other. I just said to stand next to each other so Tyler’s grandma could take a photo for me. She knows I have a blog to maintain.

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