For a great teacher

Last year when I was room mom in Zach’s class I was determined to kill it on Teacher Appreciation week. My mother always told me my standards are too high and perhaps I could just do my best vs THE best. Not when crafting is concerned, Momma.

So I made this sign for the door of the room. My sister happened to be in town the weekend before it was due and had the pleasure of cutting out all the bees. I technically only needed 20…but sort of forgot to tell her until she had cut out 42. Whoops.
Luckily (before she came after me with the scissors) I figured out how to use all the extra bees to spell out the word, “bee”.
You all know I was sooooo proud of myself.
The 20 bees were for the Honeybees in the class. I had all the parents send me a photo of their child which I then cut out and glued to a bee. I am still giddy over the cuteness of this project.
My sister was less than impressed with this whole procedure. She rolled her eyes at me and thought I was absolutely ridiculous for doing this and thought my plan of cutting the poster board in the shape of a beehive was over the top. Turns out my crafting does have limits and that end part looked like a melted ice cream cone. But I loved how the poster turned out.
Cut to this year when Lauren is room mom and what does she do?? Have my brother in law cut out 11 bunnies and corresponding children’s faces. That is right; my crazy crafting is officially rubbing off on people. You have been warned.
Last year I also put together a book for the teachers of all the things the children loved about them. I titled it “How do we love you Ms. Renee, let us count the ways” and had each parent send me five things. Yes, five things for both teachers. For 20 children. What the hell was I thinking??  It was a massive undertaking. I had to format all the sayings with a cute font, print them all, cut them down to size, hole punch them then print a cut cover. Even for me this had gone too far. I swore to never do that again.
Except that when Lauren needed an additional item for her week I knew what needed to be done. I suggested she only ask the parents for two things the children love about their teachers and print them out on a piece of paper.
If only I could have left it at that.
I insisted on recreating my undertaking for her teachers. Because they do deserve it and it was only 22 per teacher. Sounds easy compared to 100.  And it was. I also insisted that she take full credit for it as it was not about me. But here it is on my blog.
Poor baby sister, can’t have anything. Hopefully her teachers feel her sacrifice was worth it.

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