So very Houston


Houston is home to the Art Car parade, a tribute to crazy people who glue fruit and all sorts of other things to their cars. The parade happens every spring and winds its way through downtown.  It really is something I love about my otherwise very laced up city. The parade has cars covered in glitter, fake dog fur, made to look like roaches, bananas and dragons and one is a guy sitting in a port o potty. People roller skate and roller blade alongside the cars and it feels very 70s. Other things are smoking aside from the cars.

This year the boy’s school was selected as one of the schools to get their very own tour of a few art cars. Zach came home talking all about it. So when my friend Hillary invited us to walk over with her I knew we had to do it.

Zach was a huge fan of the parade. We were there long enough to feel like we saw it but not so long that James was having a fit when we left. This is our new standard of how long we stay places, FYI.


Hillary’s baby is just so stinkin cute, isn’t he? 
Don’t worry James was still not impressed with mini-vans decked out as tiki huts. 

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