A Hummingbird and a Honeybee

It is that time, the annual move up day at the boys’ school.

Zach is now in the Pre-K Hummingbirds and James is in the two year old Honeybees. That is the same class Zach was in at that same age. I am thrilled as I love, love his teacher in that room. She is an angel sent from heaven to potty train my children.

PS This is James saying “cheese”

 And here is my annual retrospective of each June since the boys started school.

This was almost exactly a month before his brother was born. Look at that innocent, unknowing smile. He had no idea how his world was going to be rocked by a very unimpressed baby.

2012 – Zach
 2012 – James (back when he was impressed)
What a HUGE difference age 3 to 4 makes! Look at those legs on Zach and the total lack of baby fat. I kind of want to cry. However….him being able to get dressed on his own, pee on his own and shower on his own make up for me missing that sweet squeezable Zachary. 
And I still have that fat baby James to squeeze. When he lets me. Who am I kidding, I have him saying “Mama’s baby” now when he sees himself in the mirror. It makes my day and horrifies Alex.
You are welcome future daughter-in-law. Hahahahahahahaha…

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