A delight

We had a family wedding this weekend where one of my baby cousins got married. I find it unacceptable that any of my baby cousins get married. Luckily I have five more that are not locked down so we will not be having any more weddings that make me feel ancient anytime soon. Because it is all about me.

My family was so sweet about this blog, all saying they read it (Hi Turner!) and that I am super funny. Well, maybe I just inferred that last part.

However, my Aunt Roxan said that I might want to start posting some nice things about James, and soon. She is concerned that he not grow up to think he was evil and that I didn’t like him. Which could not be further from the truth.

James is my baby and I love him so, so very much. Even when he is not impressed. Even when he is screaming at me for a snack. I cave to that face and those eyelashes. I am certain my lack of making him mind is cause for much of his unimpressed status. The other day he screamed “NO” in my face and I busted out laughing. And I don’t even care (yet).

I want to be with him all of the time. I want to stare and him and kiss him and make him say “Mama’s baby” when I ask, “who is James?” I want him grab my face and open mouth kiss me the once a day he will. I want him to bring me books to read and sit in my lap. I want to watch him run to go outside or yell for Norman.

So the other day they boy’s school got out at lunch time. Alex went to get Zach (for some reason I can’t remember) and I went to get my baby. I decided to brave eating out and am so glad I did. He was delightful.

There was no screaming. There was no crying. He ate his entire grilled cheese and drank his juice like an impressed child.

Of course the huge cookie that the manager gave him did not hurt either. Or the fact that I let him stand up on the booth seat the entire time.

I do not care. He is my baby and can do whatever he wants.

And PS he is getting better, which is totally going to ruin my material. He gives me a LOT of material as you all know.

2 thoughts on “A delight

  1. Well, that should satisfy Aunt Roxan. I'm crying from the sweetness. We knew all along that you love him so, so very much!

  2. If he's anything like my two grandsons who happen to be visiting right now, when there is “one on one time” with momma, all is good! BUT, when the 2nd one shows up, YIKES! I think you know exactly what I mean! such blessings they are!

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