Firetruck fun – but not for James

Just when I said I would be nice to James on the blog…

Actually he had a fun but you would not know that from the photos (as usual). A few weeks back was the annual mom’s group trip to the local fire station. James was too little to go last year but Zach loved it and I figured with James’ love of yelling at firetrucks he would like the tour as well.

And he did. They both got into the firetrucks, the ambulance and climbed all over both.

We took a break from crawling around the trucks to do some light coloring while wearing fire hats.

Then they wanted a group photo on the fire truck for the newsletter or something. Zach was playing basketball but you know my photo op loving self had to get my baby in there.

But he was not impressed. He was not even staring at me. He is staring down the mom taking the photo and she is disappointing him with her choices.

He was impressed with the water hose however. I didn’t think he was strong enough to hold it and Fireman Mike did have to help, but he took it very seriously.

Alex always thinks these things are cheesy until we get there. You know I made him go this year. Even he had to agree that it is cool to get to wander around your local fire station and say thank you to the firemen whose job it is to save you, your kids and/or your house in the worst possible situations.

Especially here in Houston where four firemen lost their lives recently fighting an out of control fire at a motel. The entire city mourned with those families. On the day of the funeral (at Reliant Stadium) the city asked everyone to turn on their lights as a show of support. It made me so proud of my city to see all the people with their lights on driving around downtown as I headed into work. And very glad that we got to say thank you to our very own fire station.

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