Just a regular weekend

My sister always says that we do more in a weekend than many people do all week. I just chalk it up to having two three active boys who can’t be in one place for too long. But this recent weekend was a bit much, even for us.

The Y near us was having a festival of sorts and since it is in our hood we headed over Saturday morning. Zach enjoyed it the most, naturally James was not impressed the entire time, except for at the petting zoo. He really enjoyed screaming, “Mama, cow!” for 10 minutes straight.

Someone (cough, Alex, cough) decided to let my baby scale a rock wall. He did a great job going up but couldn’t get back down. He is only four and has the arm strength of, well, a four year old.

Oh yes, that is a camel in the middle of Houston being manned by a woman in a dog scrub top. Totally normal.

I was as unimpressed as James with the whole situation. I felt bad for the camel and was concerned it was going to spit on me. That is what they did in the Aladdin movie.

After that and a nap we hit the mom’s group fire station tour.

Then it was on to celebrate Auntie Tami’s birthday at Mia’s. Sweet Auntie, she agreed to go to a kid friendly place on her birthday so we could attend. I mean we can go to nice places (you know I totally disregard any stares) but no one enjoys it.

And turns out, you know what does make James impressed? Ice cream.

Big time.

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