Mail-able Father’s Day

We don’t all have the luxury of living in the same city as our dads. Mine lives 300 miles away which means his Father’s Day (and birthday) gifts have to be mailed most years.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it both for the fact I could have Walgreen’s print it for me and that it could easily be mailed in a large envelope to the boy’s Papa Wayne. Don’t worry, my sister and I already got my dad a car battery charger as well. We are so thoughtful.

I did things slightly different than the author did. I had the boys pose with a blank word bubble then filled in the words with my editing software, Picasa. That way I could take the photos when they were in good moods and fill them in later. And since I was doing this on Father’s Day weekend I was a bit crunched for time. It was easier for me to take the photos, let them run off and play and then type in what they said before creating the collage in Picasa as well. I went ahead and made one for Grandpa Vince too, while I was at it.

Of course getting them to pose with the empty paper was not easy…James wanted to hide behind it and Zach is incapable of smiling normally these days. I finally had to resort to yelling potty words to get a mini-smile out of him. For James I was popping out from behind the camera yelling Boo! As if my neighbors don’t already think I am crazy enough.

This is just another example of why I love Pinterest. This great blogger created all different versions of her file for anyone to use with the various names people call their dad/grandpas. So all I had to do was save it to my files, follow her detailed instructions and hand it over to the granddads like it was my idea all along.

Of course my dad is my biggest blog fan so he is now on to me…and on to the fact that this might get posted before he actually receives his version. Whoops!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

One thought on “Mail-able Father’s Day

  1. Thanks Girl. Well this time there is a comment section. So thank you. I am sure there are more like you but just where does one get a 'blank word bubble?' I didn't know you could get one or where for that matter. Love, PWayne

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