Quick sort-of-cute 4th of July craft

Well, if that is not a ringing endorsement of my crafting abilities I don’t know what is. 
Last week I came into a boat load of crafting supplies. My friend Laura’s mom passed away recently and she was, among other things, a great crafter. She had a huge craft room filled with supplies, some of which, Laura graciously offered to me. I assured Laura I would put it all to good use and send her photos. She politely declined to receive all those photos but we both know I could not help myself.

Laura sent me a text saying she had thread, paper and a Circuit machine – did I want it? Obviously. 
However, she showed up with a truckload of supplies, walked in and asked where my craft room was. That would be Zach’s room. Or really just his closets. She was horrified and with good reason. Once we were done my dining room looked like this. 

Yep. She brought me tons of crafting stuff. I was beyond excited. Do you see the paper and punches tucked in there? The paints and fabric markers? The not one but three paper cutters? Crafting heaven I tell you. 

So I did the next logical thing and got all my crafting supplies out to combine them so I could sort through it all. Perhaps this post should have been called “Confessions of a Craft hoarder”.

My point to this tirade is that I found a wreath form and random scraps of fabric that could be used to make a quick 4th of July wreath. And I now had a star punch and some kicky silver paper.  The entire thing took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.
Here are my detailed directions.
1. Find your Styrofoam wreath from when you planned to make a Thanksgiving wreath with the boy’s hand prints as a tail but ran out of time because you were working and normal people don’t do that.

2. Cut some strips of red fabric. Wrap around the form to look like strips and pin to the wreath with stick pins.

3. Realize people don’t need/want detailed images for every step of this very short process so stop taking photos.
4. Cut a rectangle out of blue fabric and pin with stick pins.

5. Use your new star punch to punch stars out of silver paper. Quickly grasp that the paper is really thick and not meant for cutting and begin sweating as you use all your strength (which is arguable limited) to punch out stars.
6. Find the quick dry glue you now own and glue those hard fought stars on.
7. Hang a hook made of left over ribbon via another stick pin and you are all set.

8. Stand back and admire your new wreath after cleaning your filthy door.

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