Baby You’re a Firework

That is song I was singing while Zach and I made these shirts. Out loud. Zach pretended he could not hear me. Little punk.

If you are looking for something to do today while your children and husband are home today (and will be for the next three days), this is your project. And I am not just saying that as a crazy crafter. All you need are shirts, paint and pipe cleaners.

PS Jo-Ann’s opens at 9 today if you are missing any of these items. You can hustle on over there now. Your family won’t notice you are missing.

This was the first project I have done in a while that benefited from my child’s desire for randomness and still came out looking like the inspiration.  I wanted to make a set for my boys and a set for my nieces who will be here the weekend after the 4th for James’ birthday. We got white shirts for my nieces and red shirts for the boys. I think they turned out really cute and can’t wait to see all the cousins wearing them.

However, I sent my sister the top photo of Chuck’s shirt and did not receive the appropriate response (which was “So cute!” FYI). I can only assume she was distracted and did not receive my communication because they are clearly darling.

I found my pipe cleaners and some red, blue and silver paint and we got to work. Over on The Mother Huddle they give nice instructions so I won’t recreate those here.  Zach did a great job of putting down the pipe cleaners where he wanted them and I pressed them in. We did this while James was asleep for obvious reason. While I have relaxed a bit about help, having that baby involved would have pushed me over the proverbial crafting edge.

But seriously, it was super easy and super cute. Do some crafting this holiday, it is too hot for anything else.

Unless you have a pool. Then please invite me over.

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