Eight Years Today

Alex is the optimist in our family. I don’t like to call myself a pessimist, but I also don’t like to call myself bossy and pear shaped either.*

The other day in the car, I made some snarky comment about how doing yard work reminded me of when we were newly married. Back well before we had these children and our life became so glorious.

Alex looked and me and with all sincerity said, “I know, our life is so good.” As I looked back at my children one of whom was screaming for the tambourine the other was manically waving just out of his reach I had to laugh.

The fact that to Alex the glass is always half full is what I love and what drives me the most crazy about that man. He always sees the good in everyone and in every situation. He has never lost a friend and I joke that if one of his friends happens to become a murderer, he would still say, “But Kinsey, he is a really good guy.” And begin to list all his good points.

My point to all this? Today is our eighth wedding anniversary. Eight years of being married to an optimist is not all sunshine and roses people. Says the pessimist.

This morning, I said I couldn’t believe it has been eight years! He said he never had any doubt.

Of course he also says he is “head of household”, so he is known to lie.

*I prefer realist, leadership abilities and curvy.

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