Two years old and not impressed

You guys, my baby is two years old.

And no, you may not have one of his three “pops” he is clutching.

James turned two on Sunday and we had his party that afternoon out at Noah’s Ark Pool which is a super shallow wading pool complete with an ark in the center, slides, squirting water and a raining mushroom.

He loved it.

He actually did love it and spent the entire time either going down the slide with his grandpa,

Or belly flopping into the shallow water.

This is the move he does in any water at all. Imagine him doing this in two feet of water in the Y baby pool. Then imagine me leaping over people to grab my floating and trying to drown baby. Yeah, not pretty or fun. But at this pool, since it is only six inches deep, there was no issue.

Apparently there was a 60% chance of rain on Sunday. I had no clue. It sprinkled a bit around 11 and Lauren (who was in town) asked if it was supposed to rain, I looked at her like why would I know, so she checked on her phone. She turns to me and says, “Well there is a chance of rain.”, omitting that the chance was 50%. I would have lost my sh**. She is a smart one, my baby sister.

I think my optimist has rubbed off on me as I didn’t even bat an eye about “a chance”. It was not going to rain on my James’s party. She asked about my back up plans.


We would just huddle under the pavilion and wait for it to pass. No one was coming back to my hot mess of a house, rainbow cupcakes or not.

Luckily there was no rain and a lot of his friends from school came as well as our friends with kids. I did a terrible job of taking photos of everyone and of the decoration. So let’s just close our eyes and picture it together, shall we?

Imagine six round tables with solid table covers, one for each color of the rainbow.
On top of those tables were balloons, also in rainbow colors. I had snack bowls in, again, rainbow colors and a super cute sign that looked like his invitation.
Do I have a photo of any of that? Of course not.

I do have a photo of James’s girl Stella drinking out of the water spout.

Many, many photos of children going down the water slides.

Photos of two of the four babies that were in attendance and ready to swim.

And copious photos of my rainbow cupcakes and James being unimpressed by them all. 

My crafting is seriously under appreciated. 
However my friends at the party gave me props for the cupcakes. Don’t worry those cupcakes will get their own post – that is how proud I am of them. (I know you are all just anxiously awaiting that post.) 
James was the last one out of the pool, Alex had to pull him out kicking and screaming. If you can’t have a giant fit on your birthday, when can you? Oh that is right every. single. day.
Welcome to the terrible two’s James! I know you have been gearing up for them!

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