Two for Tuesdays

So if you are like me and have seen the Ferris wheel at the downtown Houston Aquarium and thought, who would pay to ride that and get a view of the freeway?

This girl.
Do you see my precious babies in their first Ferris wheel? Do you see how there is zero fencing aside from a back rest keeping them in the car? And do you also see that I am obviously sitting across the car from them? Yeah, stay at home mom fail: putting children, you quit your job to be with in peril.
I mean they were fine, obviously. James was not impressed but Zach loved looking at the buildings and spotting Alex’s office and my old office. I wanted to vomit the entire time.
But on to better things. The reason we went to the Aquarium was that on Tuesday’s you get buy one get one free admission. And children are free under two years of age. Being a stay at home mom (who does not stay at home much as my mother points out) and watching our family budget (which is what all mommy bloggers say) I knew we had to go prior to James turning two.
It was actually much better than I thought. We showed up right when it opened at 10 and hopped on to the train. It goes through a tunnel where sharks swim behind five inch glass all around you.


Even James was impressed.

Then on to said terrifying, Ferris wheel and the marine animal carousel. I offered to take a photo of another stay at home mom not at home so she would take one of me.
I am a giver.

We were all sweating (obviously) so we headed inside to the actual aquarium. The only thing we didn’t do was the sting ray feeding/petting area. I had zero desire to hold a sweaty baby while a four year old clutched my leg saying he didn’t want to touch them.

I didn’t want to touch them. I am still traumatized by Steve Erwin.

The aquarium exhibit is just one long pathway with fish on all sides. All the tanks are low to the ground so both boys could walk and press their faces up against the exhibits. Including this enormous lime green eel and neon pink fish James was fascinated with.

Oh James, why so serious? You are sitting on a treasure chest filled with glued down junk?? See how happy Zach is?

Is it because I made you sit on a treasure chest filled with glued down junk? Fair point.

At the very end of the exhibit, for some strange reason, is a white tiger. Allegedly there are more but we only saw one.
One very large tiger in a fake temple with only small windows but a lovely water feature. I tried not to be sad for the tiger and told myself surely he gets to go outside sometime. Right?

And James loooooovvvveed the tiger. He elbowed his way through a group of elementary kids to get to the front. One tried to move him but he yelled, “HEY!” and they backed off. Don’t mess with that baby.

All in all it was a good day. No one died (though I tried my hardest) and we did something fun together. Stay at home mom win!!

I have such low expectations. 

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