Beach in a Box

I knew when I made these snacks for Zach’s class I was either a crafting genius or completely crazy. I will let you be the judge.

Zach’s class was learning about the sea and had been making jelly fish, treasure boxes, etc in the week leading up to our snack week. When I saw this sand pudding on Pinterest I knew I had to do it.

But because I am me and can’t leave a good thing alone I decided to add a twist by dying the “water” blue. Please witness the banana jello pudding I dyed blue. Yes, you read that correctly, I dyed pudding blue.

Then I ground up Nila wafers in my food processor to resemble sand. Which it totally, totally did but also horrified James. He stood at my feet crying,”Cookies! Mama, cookies!”. My trusty helper then spooned the “sand” into individual Chinese food containers we are calling buckets.

I layered the blue pudding in.  

Do you see my vision coming together? Are you as excited as I am?

Finally I spooned more “sand” on top and voila! Beach in a box.

It was about this time it occurred to me that I was taking blue pudding to a bunch of four year olds. Blue pudding. No pudding is blue. They don’t make pudding in wacky colors and there could be a reason for this.

I got slightly concerned it might go terribly, terribly wrong. So I stuck a bag of Goldfish in (still on theme) for good measure.

As we walked into school with our beach in a box, me feeling oh so smug and excited, his teacher told me that sea week was over. This week was space. Well crap. Moon sand is not tan nor is the moon underneath it blue and squishy.

So I send blue pudding with crushed up cookies to four year olds who were learning about space.


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