Shark Sheet

Otherwise known as “You know you can buy that, right?” per Lauren.

So Zach needed a new sheet for his “naps” at school. He had told me a week or so ago but I thought he was making it up and was NOT going to buy another crib sheet. We own five sheets and one crib, we don’t need another one. But then his teacher tells me that yes, he does in fact need a new sheet as his keeps “popping off” when he tries to put it on. They are teaching independence and he has a hard time doing it himself. Ughhh FINE.

But I am not buying one. I am going to make it. Out of an old set of sheets that need to go but are super soft (the only criteria for Zach). And because it is me I am not just going to leave it at that.

I was already working on a new blanket for him. He was with me in Joann’s at one point and spotted some shark fabric that was crazy soft and he had to have it. I had a coupon which makes everything OK.

So once I took the sheet off the bed (yes we were still using it) and cut it down to the dimensions my girls over at Pretty Prudent told me to I was on my way. Luckily this is not my first crib sheet making (please) so it went quickly.

Here is the before and after of the elastic corners. Don’t be scared by my pincushion bracelet.

Since it was such a blank canvas, that white sheet, I had the idea to do waves with shark fins coming out, to go across the sheet. 
Of course I did. That is not what normal people do. But I got SUPER excited about.
I looked out on Pinterest for a template of a wave. I found some, but my sewing around curves tends to leave something to be desired. Then I saw this picture and knew I could just make simple choppy waves and be happy with it. 
Blue Waves Loopy Heart Guest Escort / Place Card Business Card Template by fatfatin_blue_knot
I free handed some waves (super hard as you can imagine) on card stock and cut them out, then just traced them onto the fabric scraps I had. I know you too have fabric in lengths of 44″ in two colors of blue fabric laying around your house.
Same thing with the shark fins, though I did make Alex help me get the scale down.
Then I just sewed each section to each other, starting with the bottom one and leaving the top free to sew to the sheet. I sewed in the sharks before doing the blue wave. Finally I sewed the entire thing to the sheet stopping as to not go over the fins and sewing the straight bottom with a small hem. You guys, super simple. 

 Done! I love it. I am so excited about how it turned out. Of course, the edges are totally raw and this sheet gets washed every week…so we shall see how my water holds up in a month or so.

Zach liked it too. Here he is taking it for a spin.

He did initially ask me to make the eye and mouth that are on his other sheet which just made my day. Turns out he DID notice my work! A year later, but I can’t be picky.

But I, of course, had to tell him no, Mommy has a new vision for your sheet. Please don’t try to ruin my dreams.

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