How to make an ugly sign just OK

This was the sign I bought at Party City to use for James’ party.

Party Streamer Yard Sign 14in x 15in

Does that look the least bit on theme to you? Exactly. You can imagine my disappointment when this was my best option the day before the party. Oh I know it is a perfectly fine sign if I were having a New Year’s eve party or a general party. But not for a Noah’s ark themed party. It was like the time my sister tried to use this sign for her Cat the Hat themed first birthday party.

Hugs & Stitches Girl's 1st Birthday Yard Sign 14in x 16in

I sometimes am not 100% sure we are related.

We ended up covering that mess with squares in her theme and Chuck’s name. So I figured I could do the same for mine. But, of course, I was running low on time (icing rainbow cupcakes) and my sister suggested using the zebra duct table I bought for the waters (it looked like this) to cover the ribbons on the side.

And I realized she might be a secret crafting genius.

The reason it is just an OK sign? My handwriting.

So disappointing.

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