What If

I think we all have our fair share of “what ifs”. As in, what if I had not gotten that job or moved to that city? What if I had chosen a different major?

Well, I thought a lot about that on our vacation to lovely La Jolla, California last week. When I was younger my family visited San Diego and I decided I wanted to go to the University of California at San Diego. For sure. The weather is perfect here and there is a beach (you know, so great for a super pale redhead). I felt this was my place.

Of course as I got older it seemed my place would be the University of Texas at Austin.

But what if I had worked harder in school. What if I had really, really tried my hardest to get in and then somehow convinced my parents to go along with that? What would my life be like?

Well I would not have met my friend Laura in the Delta Gamma house.

I would not have moved to Houston after college, where she would introduce me to her high school friend, Alex.

So poof – no little walls.

So what if I had gone to college here in La Jolla? What would my life have turned out to be?
Here are my guesses after spending some time here.
1. My children would be named Kai and Everly.
2. I would have a girl (Everly) as well as a boy because I would not have married a man who should have been royalty, with all the males in his linage.
3. I would never straighten my hair, instead insist my (at best wavy) hair is “naturally curly”.
4. I would not own anything Tory Burch (TB is all over Houston).
5. I would be so comfortable, wearing my large capri pants, loose fitting tank tops with hoody sweat shirts (you guys, it is chilly here).
6. I would own many of those natural baby carriers and use them to carry Kai to meet my mommy friends at the beach for baby and me yoga.
7. I would know what hemp is.
8. I would like how men look in flat brim hats.
9. I would be totally in shape as you can exercise outside in the middle of July. Or December. Or whenever you want.
10. My husband would take the children to the park on the beach on Saturday morning with all the other dads.

Pretty different for sure. But after spending a week in great, cool weather I was still glad to get back to 100 degree Houston. It really is my place.

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