Four under four

The weekend of James’ birthday, my sister and her family came to town. The plan was for them to stay for James’ party, which was on Sunday afternoon. However, all hell broke loose in the afternoon so they had to get out of Houston and back home to Dallas in a hurry. I am pretty sure us deciding to go to the Aquarium the morning of the birthday had something to do with it.

Here are my nieces, Vivian on the left and Charlotte (you can call her Chuck, I do) on the right.

 I don’t know if you can clearly see how skinny Vivi is. She is like James, really needs to eat some more.

Don’t they look precious in their fireworks shirts? Lauren was skeptical that Chuck would wear her shorts that matched Vivi’s since she is very into dresses. However, she caved under the pressure of “Auntie made this shirt for you!” which I appreciated.

So the morning of the 7th, still in their fireworks shirts, we loaded up and headed to the Aquarium to ride the train, the Ferris wheel and see the fish.

Chuck was highly skeptical of the Ferris wheel. With good reason.

These pictures clearly make it look like Dewayne and Lauren were riding the Ferris wheel alone. In truth, both girls were clinging to them for dear life.

Our boys knew they were in an open air death machine and just went with it. I call it “independence”.

The girls loved the aquarium and Dewayne bought everyone a stuffed sting ray after visiting the sting ray pool. Only Charlotte, Dewayne and Alex actually touched a sting ray.

 I love this photo. Uncle Alex holding Chuck’s hand and her pink sting ray.

Even if we are only together for 24 hours I love to spend time with the Bailey’s. It is always a hot mess of someone sleeping, someone crying, someone eating and someone yelling. But the kids love their cousins and it makes me wish we lived closer. Though once we get these children out of diapers and they stop being so terrible, we can take road trips more often. A definite benefit of my new flexible schedule.

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