Vacation by the numbers

Numbers are not my thing, as everyone knows. I really don’t like them and find any time I have to use them highly, highly annoying. But instead of inundating you with post, after post, of our vacation photos, I thought I would simplify it and just do one long one. You are welcome. That is not to say I don’t have a few things I want to highlight in future posts, but this covers the majority of it.

Looking back I can remember all the good times about our vacation, but you guys, it was long. Especially the ride home where we were together in a steel tube from 10am to 6pm. I had to give us all M&Ms at one point so James would stop crying and I would not start.

But both boys still talk about it and Zach, especially, had a great time everywhere we went. At one point in the pool he really did say, “I am having the best time!”. Which is all we can ask for.

Cities visited: 2 (San Diego and La Jolla)
Days in adjoining hotel rooms with my children: 7
Nights James slept through the night: 1
Altercations Kinsey got in with fellow Sheraton residents: 2
Days Zach, James and Alex got in the pool, even though it was 70 degrees and overcast: 6
Days I got in the pool: 2

Attractions visited while in California: 4 (San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Zoo, Legoland and USS Midway)

Number of times James said. “Cheetah run!” after we saw the cheetah run a 100 meter dash in 5 seconds: 543
Strollers rented because we forgot ours: 3

Number of times James scowled at me from the strollers: 14

Giraffes seen roaming around the Safari Park and shouted at by James: 10
Lions we heard roaring: 1 (which was pretty cool)

Beaches visited: 4
Children who enjoyed the beach: 1 (Zach)
Parent who enjoyed the beach: 1 (Alex, duh)

People it took to put sunscreen on James: 2

 Aircraft carriers visited: 1

 Parents who wanted to leave the children here: 1 (name omitted)

Times the iPad was watched before going to bed: 6

 Number of children at Legoland without swimsuits running through the water: 2

 Number of white trash babies running through the water in a non-swim diaper: 1

Water rides ridden by Zach and Alex: 1
Water rides ridden by Kinsey and Zach: 1 (I know, I am surprised too)

Trains ridden: 1
Sunscreen needed: 1 entire tube
Four year olds who had “The BEST time!”: 1

First sunsets seen: 1
Children who sat on the roof of a car for the first time: 2

Incline of the hill Alex pushed the stroller up to reach the polar bears: 45

Wayne hats worn: 1
Gondola’s ridden: 2
Panda’s seen from the air because Alex and I were too impatient to wait in the panda viewing line: 1

 Stuffed animals purchased: 2

Family photos taken: 1

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