Don’t yell at me before breakfast

Before we went to the zoo the Tuesday we were in San Diego, I wanted to try Snooze Eatery, a breakfast spot I found searching on Pinterest. The blogger said to get there early, as it fills up. Since we were up at 5:45 every day this would not be a problem.

However, this particular day, the boys finally adjusted to the time change and slept until 7:00 a.m. so we didn’t roll in until around 8:30 or 9. And we had to wait about 20 minutes. I am not complaining, but let’s just think about that – it was 9 a.m. on a Tuesday…do people not work in San Diego? Who are these people? It was not stay at home mom’s either. I was fascinated.

It is in the north part of downtown so parking is a bit tough. Alex stopped to let the boys and I out so he could go park and we could get in line. A woman sweeping around the entrance to the parking garage he was partially blocking was not pleased with this decision. Let me just say that a car pulled into that garage he was partially blocking, while we were there. She started yelling at me, “He can’t park there!” to which I replied, “He is not, he is just dropping us off” as I am visibly struggling to get a chubby two year old and a wiggly four year old out of the car. She would not let it go. She must have yelled at me five times while I am getting the boys out of the car. Even after he had pulled out and I was now 10 feet from her, she kept yelling, “He can’t park there!” and, with my children, I did the same, “I KNOW he is leaving, can’t you see that??!!”.  Alex said at one point when he was driving off he said to himself, “Is Kinsey getting into a fight on the street?”. Basically.

I already had to get into it with other guests at the Sheraton AND a woman who was banging on the door of a restroom Zach was in. Let’s just say, aside from the awesome customer service people we encountered I was not left with a great feeling toward San Diego/La Jolla-ians.  I would like to note that I have not had to yell at anyone, not related to me, here in Houston ummmm ever, I am pretty sure.

But back to Snooze. James enjoyed the free water in small plastic cups while we were waiting. Zach tried to get on me about letting him drink it until I reminded him that I could read. And the sign said it was for drinking while waiting. Calm it on down, narc.

It is in a very cool industrial space and the people could not have been nicer. No one seemed to mind two little boys hanging on the bar.

Our waitress, Tara I believe, by far made up for the crazy sweeping lady. She was young and darling and so, so sweet to the boys. The boys had waffles, which were made into a cabin shape, I had a delicious egg sandwich on a pretzel bun. Alex had bacon and eggs. So un-adventurous, that one.

It is very close to the zoo, which was perfect for us that day. Zach really wanted to get on these bikes and had a hard time understanding they were for tying your bike up to, not riding.

So if you are headed to San Diego, make Snooze your stop before the zoo. You won’t be disappointed.

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