When it is so, so hot

I have been known to get a little desperate….and take my children to Chuck E Cheese. I know, don’t even start. 

I was actually re-introduced to Chuck by Zach’s friend Ben’s mom, Laura. She is not normally someone who enjoys chain restaurants that sing to you, however, she really likes the safety features of Chuck’s. When you enter, everyone is stamped with an invisible number that can only been seen by a black light. No one gets out without getting checked. Another plus, they have a decent salad bar – who knew?
So last week when it was 100 degrees here and I had the boys with me after swim lessons I knew the one place we needed to go. It was 10:30 a.m. in case you were wondering.
I gave Zach a handful of coins and let him loose on the games. For some reason I tried to get a bit ticket greedy and help him “win” some of the games – like I need any of the crap they get with the tickets. I had to calm it on down
James just liked the rides. I am pretty sure he rode the mini-carousel 8 times. He liked to wave at me every time he passed me, which was every 5 seconds. He and Zach both crawled all the way up into the climbing structure, which was the first time James had done that. I think he liked the view while he dropped. Classy, that baby.
He also was fascinated with the animatronic animals that, I am pretty sure, have been there since the 80’s. I can’t even take a photo of them because they creep me out and I think they might come to life on my phone. Not James, he kept pointing and clapping at them as we heard them “sing” Summertime”three times.
One of the rides is a car with Chuck in the passenger seat that also takes a photo of the driver. I put James in and he immediately climbed on top of Chuck’s lap. Zero stranger danger here.

When I went to retrieve his photo I noticed that another child had left his/hers behind. Turns out it was my other child.

Random right? 
Anyway, judge if you will but if you have suggestions of what to do with two busy boys when it is 100 degrees that does not involve making a foil water path, do let me know. Otherwise we will be at Chuck’s again. 
Pizza, salad and playtime for $20? Done and done.

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