A special first

Each time we left the hotel to drive into La Jolla for food or the beach, we would take this scenic, winding road that overlooked the ocean. Both boys loved to yell, “OCEAN!” the second it came into view.

One night we were driving back from dinner and playing at the La Jolla rec center, and we pointed out that the sun was setting. Zach said he had never seen a sunset which took me a back a bit. But it made sense as his bedtime is usually before the sun goes down.  He asked if he could see it and of course we had to stop then and there.

So Alex pulled onto the side of the road so the boys could watch the sun seting into the Pacific Ocean. He also put them on the roof of the car. I felt that was going a tad far, but Zach loved it.

James was less impressed.

And he kept calling the sun, the moon. 

It was so special to me, being there for my babies’ first sunset. Not a “first” I ever would have thought about, but it was a good one.

Turns out James really was impressed as even now that we are back he will say, “Moon, ocean” which equals sunset into the ocean, if you speak James.

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