First-ish day of school

If your kids are in day care there is no real “first day”. They go year round. Oh sure, there is an “official” first day, but at the boy’s school they move up classes in the summer so when school starts it is nothing new.

Either way, for the first day of school, I like to get the boy’s teachers a little something. It is not so much a “please like my kid this year” but more of a “thanks for putting up with us this summer” gift.

The May move up time is hard for everyone and Zach and James are no different. They are good for the first week of the new classes then they are terrible the second. They both clung to my legs at drop off and James (of course) cried hysterically.

Then I quit my job only two weeks later. They still went every day, but more like 9ish to 3ish. We just moseyed on up there in the morning and I went to get them after James woke up from his nap at 3.

Then last week they were no longer “extended day”, when I could come and go as I pleased. We were “day school” with hard and fast hours of 9 to 2. No dropping off early (there are signs) and the teachers are waiting for you with your children in the lobby at 2.

Needless to say it has been a rough two weeks. It was like the move up time all over again. Both boys are clinging to me, James does not nap as long and Zach gets zero rest time either. Hot. Mess.

But both boy’s teachers have been wonderful. They were wonderful and patient in May and they were wonderful and patient now. They have been so supportive of my decision. They all ask how I have been doing, encouraging me and are just all around the great teachers you hope your kids have.

For the “real” first day, I wanted to get them a little something to say thank you for putting up with the Walls and all our changes this summer. I had purchased, on a whim, some blue and yellow school bus boxes from Randall’s and when I spotted these tags, my vision for the gift clicked into place. (Normal. This is totally, totally normal.) I could tuck some powdered cinnamon sugar donuts inside. However, the tags, which are darling, were not the right colors.

So I made my own.

I know, can you believe it? Of course, when I showed Alex, he was so mortified by the cheesy pun he could not focus on the yellow frame, various fonts and donuts clip art. He constantly ruins my visions. But I knew you, my 10 followers, would be all over it.

Plus, I have put them here for anyone else that needs an easy thank you for putting up with me/my child gift.

Zach tried to get those gross mini-donuts with the chocolate on them. I mean, what did he think, this was his gift to the teachers or something? Just because I had him give them to them?

He is still unclear about my selfish crafting ways.

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