I really know very little, it seems

I really thought the question and answer phase of my life peaked when Zach was three. But again, I was horribly, horribly wrong.

Usually, when we are in the car driving somewhere he really kicks it into high fear with the questions. That is also the time that James likes to scream at me/want my attention, “See me Mommy, see me!”, so you can imagine the volume in the car at those times. 
I jotted down some of the questions so you can see what I am dealing with. I clearly should have paid more attention in science class – the next time someone says “why will I need to know this?” Please reply, “So you don’t look stupid in front of your future children”. They will thank you later. 

How did Sam Houston die?
Why did my great grandmother for?
Does the president swim?
What does his suit look like?
How long does an ant live?
Baby fire ants are so little, they can barely start fires, right?
How big can waves get?
But you told me you took science in school, why don’t you know?
Do snakes go to the vet?
What eats a snake?
Does it eat its head?
Is there blood?
Why are you asking your phone if snakes have blood?
Why do you want to have quiet time?
James, I am talking!!!!

This is my life on a daily basis. And now that he is “officially” in Pre-K I can only imagine the questions are going to intensify.

I might need to get some Cliffs notes and a science tutor immediately.

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