Simple Play

People want to know what we have been up to lately and the answer is simple. Playing in a box.

One Pottery Barn box containing a kid size chair that I really should have purchased when I bought the table. Why would I only get two chairs? Was I planning on making the boy’s friends stand up? Apparently I am a terrible hostess.

Anyway, I got the chairs in the mail last week and opened one of the up on Monday afternoon and it finally hit the trash a week later. Follow its path, won’t you?

First it was a TV complete with a Styrofoam remote color coded with channels for each of us.

Don’t worry, they still fought over who could “see more of the inside”.

Then it was a snack station complete with blanket for sitting and laying down.

Next, a boat with two steering wheels for the two drivers. Note the straws taped to the back; those are the motors of the boat. And mine. I was pretty annoyed with giving them up.

The box was also a rocket ship and tape was applied for no apparent reason. It was used as an excellent hide and seek location, though James really didn’t like Zach hiding himself in there. He likes to know where we all are, at all times. The Styrofoam was used for skate boards, with their chairs turned upside down as ramps. It was also used a chairs for the boat/rocket. They really used every part of that container.

The box finally met its demise on the seventh day of play when Alex let him take it in the pool of the water slide to see if it would float. I had already told him it would not due to the density of cardboard (see I was paying a bit of attention in science) but he wanted to see for himself. Which was perfect. It, of course, disintegrated but not before he and his friend Miles slapped each other with the parts of it.

Ummm but what are we going to do with ourselves this week? Don’t worry, I have another chair with an accompanying fun box to pull out. But next week I am screwed.

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