Don’t make a big deal; we just saw a celebrity

That is right; a for real TV celebrity. A tiny one, but we saw her. And took a photo.

It all started one afternoon when my friend Ashley and I were discussing The Little Couple during a play date at my house. Our children were playing house and doing whatever children do while their mother’s drink tea and talk about reality shows. We got to discussing how The Little Couple lives in Houston and we thought they lived somewhere close to me.

I said, “Let’s just HCAD them, surely they are listed”. But Ashley was smarter. She realized that TV personalities would never list a house in their names. And she was right. So I just Googled, “where does the Little Couple live in Houston?” and got this response from “watchdog” who calls himself/herself a “loyal viewer”:

Not far from the medical center off South Main in the neighborhood behind Target. I’m not posting the address, but it’s public information.

Dudes, that is right by me! And not public information; until now.
So we did what any responsible TV stalkers would do and threw all four children in my car and took off to canvas the neighborhood. I knew there were only two streets that ran through the entire area and Ashley knew they lived on a corner lot. We could totally do this. Please, I had years of stalking experience under my belt in Denton. I could cruise by an ex-boyfriend’s house via a cross street like a pro. Granted I didn’t have two four year old’s, an 18 month old and a two year old in the car. But I don’t drive a black SUV with tinted windows for nothing.
We were about half way through the search when I turned down a random street headed for the major intersection and suddenly there it was! The green house from the show! 

Naturally Ashley and I both started screaming like we were at a JT concert, causing all the children to do the same. It was very exciting. Ashley took a photo and we turned up the street headed for home.

As we approached the major intersection, Ashley claimed the car approaching us was her – Jen, the littlest of the little couple. I did not believe her and was wrong to ever doubt her knowledge of the show. It totally was her! So again, I did what any responsible TV stalkers would do and pulled a U turn and drove back to follow her home. We are nothing if not persistent.

We made it just as she was pulling in. More screaming ensued.

But don’t worry, we didn’t yell at her or hop out of the car. We just kept talking about it to ourselves, like normal stalkers.

And then I posted it here. I think we might have missed our calling as part of the paparazzi.

4 thoughts on “Don’t make a big deal; we just saw a celebrity

  1. Ok this is beyond weird that you just posted this because yetserday at work we were trying to find out where they lived and were doing some serious investigation! I can't believe I didn't think of HCAD!

  2. big FAN of the show….they are a neat couple with the cutest little boy..ok, so can I have YOUR autograph, pls? haha! P.S. don't you hv a DOG? surprised you haven't gone to their store!!

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