I might be getting famous any second

You guys I was on the news. I know, I am going to be famous any minute. It is about time the media discovers my electric personality and biting wit. Except that is not what has happened. Instead, like the microphone whore I am, I was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate at the local YMCA after I had just finished running.

I really should have said no. I should have listened to the rational voice inside me and said, no, tiny blond woman with tons of makeup on, I do not wish to be interviewed right now. Instead I said, sure and reached for the microphone. No joke. I tried to take it out of her tiny, manicured hand.

Tiny blond was doing a story on a local restaurant that has a no child under 8 after 7pm policy and local mom’s thoughts on that. She also brought up an overseas airline’s new option of a child-free row. I talked for about 2 minutes on these topics (I am in support of both) and gave some nice soundbites such as  “I don’t want to eat with my children either.” and “if my husband and I want to go to a nice restaurant we want to enjoy our food – you can’t do that with kids.” I can’t imagine why those were not used.

The only sentence they used was this one:

“I think if there’s a special section where people can go and they don’t want to be disturbed, I think that’s more power to them,” said mom Kinsey Wall.

Have I ever been more eloquent?


Seriously, why can’t I help myself around a mic/camera? I am totally the lady in her house coat talking to the camera about the apartment fire next door. No makeup, looking the fool and just happy to be on camera.
You can see my red, red face and ponytail bobbing around in the clip below. 
Mortifying, but I figured you all would like a laugh this Monday morning. You are welcome, and you can find me near any news truck in town, ready to make a comment.

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