He is turning into a big kid

The other day Zach asked to call his friend Logan on the phone. Weird, right? He is four, what could they possibly have to talk about? But I said, sure and set up a time that we could call him.

When the time came, I dialed the phone and handed it to Zach with the instructions to say, “Hi, may I please speak to Logan?” He managed it, though it was pretty mumbled. Good thing Kelley was expecting the call.

Once Logan got on the phone Zach took off running to his room to talk. Like he really needed privacy? I am certain the entire conversation went something like this:

Zach: “Hi Logan.”
Logan: “Hi Zach.”
Zach: “You are a poo poo head, smelly diaper!”
Logan: “You are a pee pee head, smelly diaper!”
Zach: “Bye.” And hangs up before the other person can reply.

Or something like that as those are both boys favorite words of the moment.

Check out that side eye he is giving me. 
He better watch it or I am going to start making him take calls on the house phone so I can listen in and make sure he is not trash talking me. Which he totally will be, have you seen how much of his life is on this blog?? 

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