Just be normal

I am still loving my schedule since I get to spend Tuesday and Thursday mornings with James. We are only alone for about three hours and we make the most of it. But, as my sister so kindly pointed out, I can’t just be normal and go to Gymboree or Little Gym or music class, no, we are all over town checking out the free stuff the city has to offer.

Well, the zoo train is not free, but at $3 it is close.

 Playing pirates at home is totally free and we do that a lot.

 Taking walks and eating snacks, also totally free.

 Laying down, shoe-less, on the floor of the doctor’s office, OK not free. And gross.

But toddler yoga at the downtown library last week was free. And weird. We were late but it didn’t seem to matter. It was basically a bunch of under 2 year olds running around. James grabbed a ball and joined right in. We read some books in the kids library after and had lunch with Alex. Look quick, James is smiling.

Thursday we went to storytime at a cute, little (and I do mean little) bookstore with our friends Nadine and Parker. Totally free except that I can’t get out of a book store without at least two books. But that doesn’t really count, right?

 James wore this hat under duress.

We also spend a lot of time in the car. A lot. James has taken to wearing these freebie sunglasses saying it is “too bright”. I am pretty sure they have zero UV protection and he kind of looks like that douchy guy in high school who thinks he is being very funny by trying to look goofy. Come on, you know the type I am talking about.

But clearly he is not as he looks precious in those terrible sunglasses.

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