Have you missed me?

I wish I could say my two week silence was due to something really cool but alas, it was not. I guess you would know that a woman who regularly uses the word ‘alasa would not be jetting off on a Grecian holiday or anything. 
I write blog posts in my head daily, especially when I am trying to go to sleep. But writing them and actually sitting down to write them are two totally different things. I am so dead tired after getting the boys to bed all I want to do is lay on the couch and read other people’s blogs. 
Anyway, it has been business as usual around here. 
We have been hitting the zoo for birthday parties.

 And visiting with my Papa who just moved to Houston.

We decorated his apartment and I think the other residents really enjoy the cockeyed pumpkins, don’t you?

 This happened to James’ hair after nap one day.

Oh and speaking of hair, I have been curling mine. Huge, I know. These are the things I do when I don’t have an actual job to keep me occupied. I craft and mess with my hair.
Aren’t I professional blogger now; taking photos of myself in the car just to show you my hair? I had to take about 15 to get one where I didn’t look like a complete fool. This one is only mildly foolish.

James  is not impressed with my hair. Or anything for that matter.

The boys took school photos. Unfortunately Zach had fallen and scraped up his head the week before. But as is my rule with school photos I bought them all anyway. My babies look precious and it is a snapshot in time – the time when my four year old thinks it is fun to hop on logs.

I did this to James.

 And we saw bunches of friends and drove pink cars into fences.

 You know, pretty typical weeks for a stay at home mom.

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